Elephant Attack Car In Kruger National Park

elephant attack elephant attack car

Elephant attack car. Luckily this incident was not reported and the elephant survived from being put down (killed). Please read on.
He let one car past, then another, then he decided to attack the third car. Be careful, African Elephants are unpredictable and very fast and dangerous. Nobody, including the elephant, was hurt. The car had only minor damage and could continue with its journey.
Remember, when venturing into the wild, you are the trespasser in their territory. Respect them and keep your distance. This Elephant didn't do anything wrong, he just wanted to get back to his herd across the roads that was blocked by tourist cars! The one that was put down (shot) near Pretoriuskop didn't deserve it as the tourist was following him at close range and he got irritated. Dont blame the poor elephant but the tourist who did not had any respect for its space! Shame on the rangers at Kruger Park! Incidents like this happens almost daily in Kruger and other Game Reserves all over Africa and the elephants are not to blame!!