Mozambique Road Conditions - Ponta do Ouro

Mozambique Road Conditions - Ponta do OuroMozambique Road Conditions - Ponta do OuroMozambique Road Conditions - Ponta do Ouro

Where the sun rises over the Indian Ocean, only 5 km from Kosi Bay on the Southern tip of Mozambique, you will find Ponta do
Ouro, "Point of Gold".
Ponta do Ouro offers you golden beaches with lush coastal vegetation where the tranquility of the brilliant blue sea will
ensure a truly memorable holiday experience.
The scuba diving in this area is spectacular, and the chances of spotting dolphins or whale sharks are high.
Deep-sea fishing is rewarding, equally rewarding is the tranquility found by those who just want to relax, sit back and enjoy.
To reach the town you enter through the Kosi bay border post and travel approximately 11 kilometers on sandy roads. A 4x4
vehicle is required for this trip.
The town of Ponta do Ouro is a quaint little town, where many of the houses are being restored to their former glory.
In the town you will find a filling station, a bank, shops, some restaurants, a market and several curio dealers.

Ponta camping:
Ponta do Ouro campsite is set right on the beach and is an affordable destination for all those 4x4 owners who would like to
venture to this beautiful corner on the Mozambican coastline.
Ponta do Ouro is particularly popular with divers and fishermen because of the easy boat launching facilities.
There are approximately 22 different dive sites around Ponta.
With little to no current, the visibility for exploring the amazing coral reefs varies from 10 to 50 meters in the summer,
depending on the surface conditions.